'Headless development' at MobOS, librarymaking updates, and plans for 2017

An exciting development was that my talk "Revisiting Types in Kotlin" was featured in the realm.io blog some days ago. They've done a transcript and you can follow along the slides, which helps understanding me when I start speaking fast. Check it out too!

'Headless development in Fully Reactive Apps'

The second of the expansion talks to "Fully Reactive Apps" was focused on pragmatically structuring your projects to maximize the use of IDE tools to get the fastest feedback loops possible. Console-and-test driven development is a cornerstone of both backend and web development, so why not apply it to Android development too?

"Headless development in Fully Reactive Apps" was presented last February in Cluj, Romania, at the MobOS conference. Some of the attendants came afterwards to ask me how to apply these ideas into their apps, which felt really great.

There is no official or unofficial recording that I know of, so you'd have to follow along the slides and snippets. I have added a gif recording below.

The most interesting part was the live Kotlin REPL console demo that showcased the workflow I followed to refactor and test the new feature in the slides. This demo used a couple of simple helper classes I wrote for the FunctionalAndroidReference app, and have been included into the project in the ReplUtils file.


GIF recording of the demo:

Demo commands as typed in the Kotlin REPL console:

Librarymaking news

As promised I've created an RxJava 2 compatible version for RxPaper2 and RxObservableDiskCache2. Go check their release notes to see what changes it required!

A common complaint I got about RxComprehensions and Komprehensions was that I was using abbreviated names for the funcions, like doFM() or doL(). Well, I've put some minutes into it and now you can use them with their full names like doFlatMap() and doLet(). This means that FunctionalRx and FunctionalRx2 have been updated with these new versions.

The library RxErrorAlgebra is still being worked on, to be release alongside a long post on API design.

Plans for the rest of 2017

In the conference barrage between October and February I've given 6 talks in 5 months, each with its own nuances. Due to employment status changes I haven't planned any other talks in the coming months, and I expect to iterate on the reactive ideas for a while to come back to the speakers circuit in Q4 with more goodies.

Meanwhile I will continue working on opensource libraries, available for chat on reddit, and contributing with the community. There are a couple of helper libraries I worked on that need to be completed, plus some awesome experiments with friends. Until then, keep an eye on your twitter feeds :D