'About Memory Management in Fully Reactive Apps' at Droidcon Bytes February 17

Firstly, I was invited by Artem Zinnatullin and Hannes Dorfmann to talk about programming in their podcast The Context, it's one hour of friendly chat about what FRP is and how to get started on functional programming.

Go check it out, and join the discussion!

'About Memory Management in Fully Reactive Apps'

In the previous entry I talked about giving a deep dive in the 'Fully Reactive Apps' concept.

'About Memory Management in Fully Reactive Apps' turned out to be one of the best prepared talks I've given. It was presented on Valentine's day at the awesome CodeNode in London for the group Droidcon Bytes, to a small lovely audience.

In it I go through many of the principles and reasoning behind the architectural decisions I apply on reactive apps, from a memory standpoint. It covers topics like garbage collection, leaks, lifecycle behind the scenes, and how to design and structure an app to remove all problems related to it. It is also one hour long, which meant I had tome to stop to focus on many of the concepts.

You can find the slides and recording below, which you can use to follow along. These are the slides:

And the recording made by SkillsMatter can be found here:

As always, all these concepts are applied to the FunctionalAndroidReference project on Github. The ideas are version-agnostic, so you can apply them to your RxJava 2.X projects too.

More to come, soon

I'm working on a library called RxErrorAlgebra that'll come with a large blog post expanding on API design for error handling in Fully Reactive Apps.

Also, in the next few days I'll be publishing an entry outlining my plans for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, stay tuned on twitter and github!