New talk! 'Revisiting types in Kotlin' at Mobilization 2016

What have I been working on lately? After finishing the Intro to FRP series I have been writing several new presentations for conferences like Droidcon London.

One of the talks I have prepared covers how to use function object, sealed classes, and data classes in Kotlin to better model your problems, and to make your solutions simpler and more testable with the help of the compiler. This talk will be presented soon at two events!

Mobilization 2016

I will be giving the full talk on October 22nd at Mobilization 2016 in Lodz, Poland. The schedule is not available yet, but it's a small event so I expect to meet some familiar faces there.


On September 22nd I was also given the opportunity to present a short version (~ half of it) of the talk at the London Software Craftmanship Community meetup. The bad news is that the recording was mis-encoded before uploading, and the original source is lost. The video is still available at the talk's profile page, but the slides and snippets are barely readable. What I will do is link both the slides and the sample code below, and along with the audio you should be able to follow along. The recording from 'Revisiting types in Kotlin' is now available, I recommend you watch it it instead. transcription

Youtube Video

A domain driven approach to Kotlin's new types @ SkillsMatter



What is next?

Luckily, a new recording will be done at Mobilization that I will be sharing as soon as it's available.

Meanwhile, I am working on a sample app to showcase how to solve common user experience challenges in a functional and reactive style. Once the app is presented at Droidcon and has all tests and documentation ready, I will be able to expand it with several blog entries explaining some of the cases line by line.