'Write a lib today' at Droidcon UK 2016

As another month goes by, and all I can tell you is that I've been working though several books and talks to help me evolve the reactive approach I've been developing on this blog. Meanwhile it's time for some softer topics, like contributing back to the community and building fun & cool things.

Write a lib today!

The second Droidcon UK 2016 presentation I gave last month. It's an empowering talk about bettering you and your company by means of joining the world of opensource contributions. The presentation contains some advice when pitching the idea internally in the company, and how to publish and promote it. There's also a section at the end covering tips on overcoming your fear when showing your work to others, that truly helped me get going years ago.

Write a lib today! recording at SkillsMatter

Along with the recording here are the slides:

## GDG Devfest Coimbra 2016

If you didn't have the chance of watching Fully Reactive Apps or you did and would like to share your ideas, I will be presenting it again at GDG Devfest Coimbra on December 3rd in Coimbra, Portugal.

Twitter handle change

I saw that @pacoworks was not taken, so I went ahead and changed my handle. I also created a new account with the old handle that redirects to the new one, and hopefully there won't be any confusion. No followers were lost during the transition!